BROSETA participates in the International Conference on Compliance

BROSETA Compliance, the business unit in BROSETA specialising in regulatory compliance, has collaborated once again in a new edition of the International Compliance Conference, which took place in Madrid on the 1st and 2nd of June.

Organised by the Fundación General Universidad de Granada, the Conference investigated aspects such as the new obligations arising from the fourth directive on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism; the lessons that the private sector can provide to the police investigation of financial crime; the results being produced by the collaboration between different countries’ financial intelligence units; the most relevant cases on money-laundering, financing of terrorism, corruption and cybercrime, and the new roles and responsibilities of the Compliance Officer.

For BROSETA, participating in the meeting was Luis Rodriguez Soler, Partner and Head of BROSETA Compliance, who analysed the growing challenges and responsibilities of the Compliance Officer and how to address them.

Also participating were prestigious speakers such as Juan Miguel del Cid Gómez, Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting from the University of Granada and Academic Director of the Conference; Álvaro Écija, Managing Partner of the Ecix Group; María Dolores Genaro Moya, Adviser to the Court of Auditors; Mariano García Fresno, of the central organisation for the prevention of money laundering of the General Council of Notaries; Michael Diaz Jr. and Marta Colomar García, of the law firm Diaz Reus Miami; Julio Aguirre, President of the CSMB Panama, and Ernesto López Peláez, CEO of Money Express Transfer E.P.S.A., among others.