BROSETA launches its corporate identity

Within the framework of the Strategic Plan that BROSETA is preparing for the next business cycle 2021-2024, the Firm has carried out a revision of its corporate identity, with the aim of aligning the brand image both with the current model of service provision and client relations of the organisation, and with the environment in which it carries out its activity, a constantly changing scenario in which only companies capable of providing agile responses adapted to the needs of their stakeholders will make a difference.

With the aim of supporting clients and other interest groups and contributing to making them protagonists in this new scenario, BROSETA has worked over the last few months on a strategic revision of its brand concepts, a proposal that highlights the firm’s half century of history, its geographical expansion and the constant search for shared objectives such as quality, innovation and excellence, together with four differentiating elements on which this new identity is based:

  • VOCATION OF PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CLIENT. We participate in the business strategy of our clients as members of their team, and we accompany them, with solid and long term relationships, both in their successes and in difficult moments.
  • TRANSFORMATION AS A KEY TO GROWTH. We reject static and standardized solutions. Each client is a challenge and their needs define our service proposal. We grow the value of our customers based on a differentiated way of doing things.
  • OUR PARTNERS, IN THE FIRST LINE OF RESPONSE. We put the Firm’s team of partners at the forefront of all our projects. Professionals with an average of 30 years of experience, close, proactive and involved with the client in every relevant decision.
  • AGILE AND FLEXIBLE FIRM. Our structure allows us to adapt to the most complex environments with proactivity, and to react to any contingency with the efficiency demanded by the market and the client.


“SHARING TOMORROW TOGETHER” is the thread through which the Firm transmits its commitment to partnership, agility, high-level relationships and value creation based on permanent transformation.

New logo and new corporate website

In parallel to this process of strategic brand review, and in line with the pillars on which the brand is based, BROSETA has also carried out the development of a new corporate website and the stylisation of the firm’s logo.

The new logo, which has been implemented in all the corporate elements of the organisation for some months now, maintains the traditional essence of the BROSETA brand, incorporating as new elements a B-shaped logo in the corporate colours, with which the Firm adapts its image to the new models of social communication and its targets, as well as the sub-title “Your growth partner”, with which BROSETA reaffirms its commitment to the permanent support of the client.

For its part, the new corporate website is a comprehensive renovation project that aims to offer a renewed, current and differentiated image of the legal services market, and which places emphasis on content of value to the client, on the strength of the image and on the integration of all the communication channels of the Firm on a single platform, thus once again promoting BROSETA‘s commitment to proximity and the contribution of constant value to its stakeholders.

Optimisation of navigability, a clearer and more visual organisation and responsive technology are some of the attributes of the improvement of this renewed channel.

In addition to the work carried out by the firm’s teams of professionals, BROSETA has carried out this project together with the consultancy firm Increnta and the communications agency Decom Media.