BROSETA boosts services for Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

LRSIn response to the growing demand for such services, BROSETA Abogados have created BROSETA Compliance, a line of advisory services in the field of Good Governance (Governance), Risk Management (Risk) and Regulatory Compliance (Compliance).

Led by Luis Rodríguez Soler, who joins the firm as a Partner after heading Compliance practices at Deloitte and PwC, BROSETA Compliance consists of multidisciplinary teams of renowned professionals in the legal environment and experts in risk of all types, putting at the disposal of companies a comprehensive business solution that aims to strengthen governance systems, internal control and compliance of these organizations.

In the area of Governance (Governance), BROSETA Compliance Services include, among others, advice on the Criminal Code (Corporate Defense), Ethics and Codes of Conduct, internal control systems for financial information, codes of corporate governance, manuals on best practices and training for councils, committees, other Compliance professionals, controllers and professional in general on ethical issues and compliance.

In terms of Risks (Risk), BROSETA Compliance offers consultancy in, alongside solutions for Cybersecurity & Cyberintelligence, Risk Management of all kinds, implementation of internal control systems in organizations, anti-corruption models and integrated models of management of fraud and intelligence, crisis management, brand protection or outsourcing of internal audits.

In relation to Regulatory Compliance (Compliance), through this new line of service will we advise on the implementation and management in organizations of comprehensive models of Compliance, Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, among others.

Luis Rodríguez Soler, Partner and Head of this new service, has more than 25 years of experience advising major companies in this country, and is considered one of the leading professionals in the field of Compliance, Fraud prevention, Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Corporate Intelligence. He graduated in Business Administration from CUNEF, is a certified Internal Auditor from the Institute of Internal Auditors and an external expert on anti-money laundering accredited by SEPBLAC, with over 100 reports to his name. He is also Vice President of the Institute of Experts on Prevention of Money Laundering (INBLAC), a teacher at various universities and public and private organizations, he collaborates regularly on specialized publications and is the author of several manuals on the subject.

For Rodriguez Soler, “the reform of the Spanish Penal Code and the growing internationalization of companies demands an increase in the offer of GRC services. Through the provision of high added value services, BROSETA Compliance wants to be the benchmark for organizations in a field of much future importance. The factor that differentiates BROSETA Compliance lies in the combination of the strengths already existing in different lines of business office processes and the standards of GRC we are going to incorporate”.

Luis Trigo, Senior Partner of BROSETA, considers that “integrated consulting and legal services are currently the best way to meet the needs of companies in the field of GRC. Also supported by the appropriate technology, BROSETA Compliance offers a differentiated and competitive service that, today, does not exist in the market.”