BROSETA and the Tax Authority reflect on the SII

The Tax Department of BROSETA has held a seminar that has seen the participation of the Director of the Department of Tax Management of the State Agency of Tax Administration (AEAT), Rufino de la Rosa, with the objective of analysing and reflecting on the system of Provision of Information (SII) in VAT.

Accompanied by Carlos Diéguez and Luis Alaix, Partner and Head of BROSETA’s Tax Law Department and senior lawyer in the same Department respectively, the AEAT representative reviewed the current status of SII implementation in the Administration and the relationship with companies in this area, highlighting, among other aspects, how technology is substantially changing the way information is managed, the relevance of the SII to be able to to effectively introduce order, immediacy and validity of the information in the registration books, simplicity in providing information, all with the premise of facilitating immediacy, as well as the flexibility on the part of the Administration in relation to compliance with the SII, emphasising that this is not intended as a project of sanction.

On behalf of BROSETA, Carlos Diéguez pointed out how the SII will make possible an analysis of the most precise and simple information, giving reliability and contrast to the data supplied, while Luis Alaix highlighted the relevance of a process in which companies will have an initial period of effort and adaptation, but after which will benefit all parties.